Plano Auto Insurance: Are You Getting All Your Discounts?

Check to see if the quote you signed on with your policy carrier gave you all the discounts you are entitled to. You probably are not. Work with an agent in our Plano auto insurance office to make sure you getting what you need for you and your family.
Does your current auto insurance company provide forgiveness? How about new car replacement or gap coverage? It’s important to know the details of your policy.
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Plano Auto Insurance: Is Your Auto Policy Carrier Holding Back Discounts?

Find out why you may not be getting all the discounts your entitled to…

Almost all the auto policy quoting systems online are the same. You pay the price in the end. Many of the online systems do not ask the appropriate questions and as quickly as you fill it out the forms, your signing yourself off to another carrier just like that.

That is not how the Clements Insurance Group, LLC, does business. We are proud of our extensive experience in the insurance and financial services industry. Our Plano, Texas, staff has a deep well of talent, knowledge and qualifications to guide clients through their insurance and overall financial needs. We want you to understand what your signing, and know your being protected with the best of the best. Give us a call today at 877.710.1012 or visit our website at

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